Curtis Acosta Teacher English
Rima Al-Jelwah Teacher Math
Linda Alley-Sarnack Teacher Yoga
Gordon Allinger Teacher Ceramics
Arthur Almquist Teacher Drama
George Apalategui Engineer
Rachel Apalategui Registrar
Ismael Arce Teacher Social Studies
Kelly Arganbright Teacher Chemistry
Justin Argraves Teacher PE
Melva Armenta Cafeteria Worker
Jeffrey Arthur Teacher Graphic Comm.
Anna Badilla Security Agent
Whitney Baldo Counselor
Kathleen Bangs Psychologist
Jessica Banhie Ex. Ed. Dept. Chair
Monica Barbera ASL Interpreter
Diane Barnett Teacher Technology
Heather Bates Teacher English
Stephen Bauer Teacher Math
James Bauman Teacher Math
Stephanie Beaty Teacher PE
Kamryn Becker Itinerant Teacher-Ex. Ed.
Michael Beeson Teacher English
Jill Bennett Teacher Math
Krista Bies Teacher AP Government,
Honors World History
Mike Boese Teacher Sports Medicine
Jeremy Bogard Teacher Spanish
Job Botson Bil. Coordinator
James Bourland Teacher Yearbook/Newspaper
James Boyd Custodian PM
Steve Bracamonte Teacher Math
Karen Brereton Teacher English
Gayle Brickert-Albrecht Teacher Chemistry
Melissa Brown Teacher ASL
Andrea Burk Teacher Art
Lauren Burkhart Teacher Ex. Ed,
Andres Burrola Learning Support Coord.
Brad Butler Teacher Social Studies
Daniel Cahill Teacher Science
Alex Callahan Teacher Graphic Design
Vicente Carbajal Custodian PM
Marcela Cardenas Teacher Folklorico
Aida Castillo-Flores Teacher Science/Spanish
Kacey Chandler Psychologist
Margaret Chaney Teacher Ex. Ed.
Janet Chumbley Teacher English
Jeremy Church Teacher Ex. Ed.
Taava Church Teacher Ex. Ed.
Cynthia Coleman Teacher P.E./Dept. Chair
Wendy Conroy Grounds
Christopher Constantine Teacher Band
Edward Contreras Security Agent
Maggie Contreras Admin. Secretary
Mariela Cordero Teacher Spanish
William Corrales Teacher Auto
Cheryl Cotanche Teacher Math
Mary Cozby Teacher Science
Elyse Damiani Teacher
Stacey Darko Teacher and Ex Ed Aide
Angeline Davis Staff Assistant
Robert Davis Teacher Ex. Ed.
Robert DeBerry Prof. Dev. Academic Trainer
Gloria DeLeon Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Jeanne Deloria Teacher Math
Dolores De Vera
Dolores.De Teacher Social Studies
Khris Dodge Teacher Steel Drums
Patricia Dominguez Custodian PM
Catherine Donovan Teacher Yoga
David Dudash Teacher English
Lisette Eckman Teacher Math
Phillip Elkins Equip Manager
Kathleen Erickson Teacher Film Acting
Kathleen Espinoza Teacher PE
Diana Estopellan Ex. Ed. Office
Tamara Fahrenreich Teacher Science
Michelle Fealk Instructional Specialist - Gallery
Joe Federico Grounds Lead
Maria Federico-Brummer Teacher Social Studies
Manuel Ferreira Head Custodian
Julia Felix-Kerry Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Jacinta Fillinger Teacher Math
Evangeline Flores Teacher Math
Monty Flores Teacher Auto
Leah Forger ASL Interpreter
James Freeh Teacher Science
Christy Friske-Daniels Librarian
Santiago Galaz Teacher Graphic Communication
Deborah Ganz Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Kurt Garbe Teacher English
Karla Garcia College & Career Coord.
Marissa Garcia Teacher Drama
Kimberly Gaskill Teacher Chinese
Beatriz Gavino ASL Inptepreter
Ann Gentry Nurse
Jolene Gettig Teacher English
Brittany Geweke Ex. Ed. Teacher Aide
Beatrice Goldsmith Teacher Ex. Ed.
Christopher Goldsmith Teacher English
Adrianne Gonzales Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Marie Gonzales Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
David Goodkin Teacher Welding
Richard Govern Teacher Science
Stephen Goudinoff Itinerant Teacher– ExEd
Erin Gries Teacher Science
Annissia Gutierrez Attendance/Registration Tech
Nancy Gutierrez Teacher Yoga
Carmen Haber Teacher ASL
Thomas Hall Teacher English
Ruth Hansen-Aguilar Social Worker
Christopher Harrison Teacher Economics
Pamela Hennessy Teacher English
Rosalie Hernandez Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Robert Hernandez Grounds/Cherry
Lydia Herran Monitor
Robert Hill Teacher English
Amethyst Hinton-Sainz Teacher English
Jason Holley Teacher ISS
Sharon Ingram Teacher Magnet Coordinator
Bruce Ironheart (Shennen Dean) Teacher English
Marea Jenness Teacher Science
Eric Johnsen Teacher Social Studies
Jeremy Jonas Teacher Biology and Honors Chemistry
Carolyn Jones Assistant Principal
Chizuru Jurman Teacher Choir
Debora Keeler Health Assistant
Jay Kirch Teacher Math
Bonnie Kneller Social Worker
Paul Komar Teacher Graphic Design
Nicole Kredich Teacher Science
Rogelio Lara Teacher Math
Earl Leach Teacher PE
Oriana Leota Ex. Ed. Teacher Assist.
Gary Lewis Teacher PE
Jessica Lopez Clerk II Temp.
Matthew Lopez Teacher Science
Marcia Luna Teacher English
Ericka Macias Teacher Ex. Ed.
Christina Marafino Teacher Ex. Ed.
Lino Marquez Custodian PM
Sheila Marquez Teacher Science (look up my group number or name)
Elena Martin Teacher Science
Cathy Martinez Counselor
Victor Martinez Attendance Liaison
Tiffany McClelland Teacher Am/Wld History (look up my group number or name)
Anna McClure Teacher Am. History
William McDavid Teacher Math
Elizabeth McDonald Teacher Math
Levette McEaddy Counselor
Brian McGinn Teacher Stage Management
Armida McKenna Teacher Ex. Ed.
Merle McPheeters Teacher English
Ilana Messchner ASL Interpreter
Sue Miderski Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
David Miller Teacher Art
Kristin Miller Teacher Sports Medicine
Patrick Miller Teacher Social Studies
Cayce Miners Teacher Orchestra
Sarah Miners Teacher Jazz Dance
Stacey Minster Teacher Chemistry
Wendy Mishkind Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Brian Mock Teacher Social Studies
Ana Moll Office Manager
Randall Moore Teacher PE
Mario Morales Custodian
Matthew Munsey Teacher English
Cassaundra Nava Counselor
Rosanne Neal Teacher Ex. Ed.
Robert Negrette Attedance Liaison
Cynthia Nisbet Teacher Math
Richard Noriega Teacher English
Sheryl Oden Teacher Modern Dance
Irma Ohlmaier Teacher Spanish
Luz Ojeda Attend/Reg.
Ana Ooka Teacher English
Marisa Ostroff Counselor
Mark Pagels Teacher Science
Mary C. Palasi
Mary Teacher Science
Steven Parker Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Ronnie Pendergrass Native Am. Advisor
Delisa Perez Teacher DECA
Maria Perez Custodian PM
Debra Pettit Teacher Math
Collette Phelps Teacher Wld/Am. History
Diana Quintanar Teacher Ex. Ed.
Chantal Ralls Folklorico Inst. Aide
Ruben Ramirez Custodian PM
Katrina Ramos Teacher Ex. Ed.
Martha Reed Teacher Piano/F.A. Dept. Chair
Yolanda Riviera Staff Assistant II
Jeffrey Rockland Teacher Dance

Period One:
Period Two:
Period Five:
Period Six:
Period Seven:

Shawna Rodriguez Assistant Principal
Suzanne Rodriguez Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Oscar Romero Teacher PE
Sylvia Romero Nurse
Russell Ronnebaum Music Artist
Jill Ronsman Counselor
Aurora Rosales Monitor
Robin Runge ASL Interpreter
Amy Rusk Librarian
Mona Rutherford Teacher Entrepeneurship
Ted Ruybalid Teacher Guitar
Alisandra Sainz Teacher Ex. Ed.
Francis Saitta Teacher Math
Lorenzo Sanchez Custodian PM
Maria P. Sanchez
Maria Atten/Reg.
Molly Sapochetti Teacher Math
Bradley Schierer Teacher English  
Karriaunna Scotti Teacher Science  
Jay Sharp Engineer
Margaret Sheehan Teacher Economics and American History
Leroy Shelton Security Agent
Alex Silva Teacher Science
James Sinex Teacher Science/Dept. Chair
Elizabeth Slaine Teacher English
Daitra Small Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Timothy Smith Cafeteria Manager
Ariana Sophiea Teacher Health
Elizabeth Sorton Attendance/Reg.Tech
Marissa Soto Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Jennifer Stensel ASL Interpreter
Megan Straube Teacher Spanish
Doreen Suarez Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Yvonda Sullivan
Yvonda.Sullivan Teacher Science
Carol Szel Teacher Ex. Ed.
Janice Takagi Teacher Math
Victoria Taylor Records Clerk
David Thistle Teacher PE
Eric Thomas Teacher English
Deidre Thorburn Teacher Math
Albert Tinsley Custodian AM
Norma Tinsley Attendance Liaison
Joyce Tominaga Asian Pacific Advisor
Claudia Torres Att/Reg. Technician
Guadalupe Toral Custodian
Kathy Turner Teacher Math
Brenda Ugalde Teacher Math
Anthony Vacura Teacher Ex. Ed.
Gloria Vejar Bilingual Teacher Assistant
Ginger Ververelli Teacher Math/Dept. Chair
Kathyrn Waldren Counseling Clerk
William Waletitsch Teacher English
Judith Wasilow Teacher Ex. Ed.
Whitney Weirick ASL Interpreter
Nita Wiggins Ex. Ed. Teacher Assistant
Ray Wiggins Teacher Machinning
Margaret Wilch Teacher Science
Ira Wilson Teacher Social Studies
Miriam Wrubel Teacher English
Marie Yonkers Teacher French
Cindy Zaccagnini Teacher (Hearing Impaired) Ex. Ed.
Fidencio Zamudio Custodian AM
Areli Zapata Attend/Reg.
Jerald Zivic Teacher Commercial Art
Mimi Zoll Teacher Spanish
Eva Zorrilla-Tessler Teacher Ballet