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102 N. Plumer Ave., Tucson, 85719
Contact Us @: Phone: 520-225-3250 or 225-3256; Fax: 520-225-3206
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2016-17 Office Hours: 7:45 AM - 4:00 PM M-F

Welcome To TUSD’s Teenage Parent High School
Where Teen Parents can GRADUATE from High School!!

TAP 2017 Spring Graduation will be held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017! You are invited to celebrate with us!

TAP High School will hold its 2017 Spring Graduation at
Project MORE High School, 440 S. Park Ave., Tucson, 85719 at 6 pm on Wednesday, May 24. 
We hope to see you there!

2016 TAP Spring Graduation

Just prior to the 2016 TAP Spring Graduation. Pictured are Ms. Loria and Mr. Rainie, senior class advisors with TAP’s Class of 2016. This year, TAP graduated 9 students in the 2016 TUSD Winter Graduation and looks forward to graduating 9 potential graduates on Wednesday, 24 at Project MORE HS. Please join us!

TAP graduating seniors will join their families and staff for Senior Night 2017 on Friday, May 19 at Teenage Parent High School. This special event is sponsored by the graduating seniors and Senior Advisor, Jacqi Kramlinger (Shirey).

It is Time to Celebrate! TAP has had a spring full of celebrations! Tthe TAP Team gets stronger every year and the bottom line is, Our Community Rocks!

2017 Spring Celebrations. From left: Rose Rucker, Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, Dr. Anne Dudley, Rick Valent and Diana Steitfeld.

Rose Rucker, TAP’s amazing cafeteria lead was nominated and won TUSD’s Classified Staff Star of the Year! Rose is pictured here with Dr. Trujillo, TUSD Interim Superintendent & Dr. Dudley, TAP’s Principal.

TAP celebrated Rick Valent and Diana Streitfeld our volunteer cuddlers during National Volunteer week in April 2017. Just another example of how the TAP community is supported by many wonderful people. Thank you Rick and Diana and our Volunteers from Young Lives (Andrea and others) for all you do!

TAP Front Office. From left: Carmelita Perales, Ternice Clayton, Valerie Molina-Howard

TAP High School Front Office Staff Rocks!  Pictured here are Carmelita Perales, Ternice Clayton and Valerie Molina-Howard, TAP’s office manager, campus monitor and registrar/attendance liaison respectively. Behind every successful school team is an efficient and customer friendly front office staff. TAP is grateful to have the number one team in TUSD!

Congratualtions Rose Rucker, TAP’s Cafeteria Lead and TUSD’S Classified #1 Employee of the Year!

See Rose Rucker win the Classified Employee of the Year on highlights from the celebration:

2017 Celebration of the Stars

Rose Rucker, TAP High School’s Food Service Lead, pictured 3rd from the left, was recognized as TUSD’s #1 Classified Employee of the Year at the Celebration of the Stars on May 3rd, 2017. She is pictured here with other top nominees for blue collar, professional staff, teacher of the year (4 categories), principal of the year (2 categories), and assistant principal of the year. Rose will be retiring at the end of May 2017. Rose exemplifies TAP’s kindness, caring, and sincere interest in our students. She has had an amazing career in TUSD (over 23 years) and we will miss her!

TAP celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Week May 1-5, Jennifer Flagg was named TAP’S 2016-17 Teacher of the Year.

Mrs. Flagg's 11th grade ELA class Dr. Gabriel Trujillo and Jennifer Flagg

Mrs. Flagg is pictured here with 11th grade ELA class. The group is reading Sold No More, one of TUSD’s culturally relevant novels, and will participate in a series of discussions and projects based on the novel. Mrs. Flagg has proven to be a very valuable asset to TAP High School and her students. She currently teaches 3 different courses: ELA 11, ELA 12 and American History. She oversees the coordination and development of TAP’s new Advisory class. She was the recipient of an EEF classroom grant to purchase a typing tutor so that TAP students could learn how to type and experience ease on online district and state assessments. She has also designed new literacy circle activities for her 11th and 12th graders, which build essential skill sets for success in college. Mrs. Flagg is pictured with Interim Superintendent, Dr. Trujillo at the Celebration of the Stars on May 3, 2017 where she was honored as TAP’s Teacher of the Year! Thank you, Mrs. Flagg. You are a TAP and TUSD Star!

TAP’S 50 Plus One Celebration was a huge success! Thank you TAP, TUSD, and Tucson’s larger community for your support in celebrating over 50 years of educating two generations in one great school!

50 Plus 1 Celebration
50 Plus 1 Celebrations - Over 50 Years of Educating 2 Generations

Bottom photo of Michelle Magdanz (math teacher) and her mother. Michelle led TAP in organizing our 50 Plus 1. Thank you Michelle! More photos from TAP’s 50 Plus 1 celebration on April 7, 2017 will be loaded onto TAP’s Facebook page soon.


Teenage Parent High School staff members share the love of working at TAP with our infants and toddlers. TAP has four nurseries designed to serve students and their babies. The district strongly encourages students who are pregnant to enroll at TAP while pregnant so they can learn best parenting practices prior to giving birth. TAP teachers are highly qualified in multiple content areas and are very experienced in meeting the diverse learning needs of our students.

TAP has been helping teen parents finish high school since 1965. The school is hosting a special anniversary celebration next month and invites everyone to attend. The event is scheduled for April 7 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the school, 102 N. Plumer. The event will include school tours, a history walk, an appreciation celebration and other fun activities. Food trucks will also be on hand. RSVP for the celebration by March 31 by calling 225-3256.

TAP is extremely excited to invite you to celebrate over 50 years of educating two generations in one great school!

TUSD’s Teenage Parent High School, formally Teenage Parent Program invites you to join students, current and former staff, alumni, district guests, community partners and families to celebrate over 50 years of providing a path to high school graduation for teenage parents.

TAP will host a BIG celebration on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 4 to 8 pm at 102 N. Plumer Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719. Come take a tour of our 2016-17 facilities, walk through a retrospective history (1965-2016) of the school and our achievements, learn about our academic and parenting programs and celebrate our students’ successes! Tucson food trucks will be on site and we will cut cake to celebrate over a half century of educating teen parents and their infants and toddlers. Alumni, this is TAP’s first alumni events since 1985! We hope you will join us and former alumni and families on April 7!

La celebración de 50 Más 1 de TAP será el viernes, 7 de abril de 2017 de 4 to 8 pm. Únase a TAP High School para: Un recorrido de la escuela; Camine a través de 50+ años de historia escolar; Conozca y visite a ex alumnos y ex miembros del personal de la escuela; Visite los camiones con comida y disfrute algo de nuestra mesa con antojitos dulces de celebración. ¡Esperamos nos acompañen para esta celebración especial!

50 plus 1 - Teenage Parent High School celebrating more than half a century of educational equity for teen parents

Alumni, we need your photos and stories to prepare for the 50 Plus 1 celebration. Please contact us at
We want to hear from you!

Congratulations to TAP Teachers, Staff, & Students on TAP High School's Accreditation!

In March 2017 TAP High School, like all TUSD High Schools, conducted a rigorous accreditation process through AdvancED! On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 TAP was approved for Accreditation for the next five years. What does it mean to be an accredited high school? To earn accreditation, schools must meet AdvancED’s high standards, be evaluated by a team of professionals from outside the school, and implement a continuous process of school improvement. Accreditation is granted on a five-year term, and demonstrates to our students, parents, and the community at large that TAP High School is committed to raising student achievement, providing a safe and enriching learning environment, maintaining an efficient and effective operation staffed by highly qualified educators and providing a supportive and rich learning experience with respect to parenting. Ultimately, maintaining our accreditation means TAP High School’s diplomas are universally accepted by employers, colleges, universities, and the military, and the school is committed to an ongoing process of continuous improvement.

TAP High School received above national average scores in many areas including equitable learning environment, high expectations environment, supportive learning environment, active learning environment, and progress monitoring and feedback environment. TAP is also very proud of scoring several points higher than the national average on Leadership Capacity and Resource Utilization. We are proud to say we are educating two generations in one great school!

Recommendation. The External Review Team recommends to the Council Teenage Parent High School earn AdvancED Performance Accreditation for a five-year term which expires June 30, 2022. Congratulations!

What are TAP teachers and staff up to?

TAP teachers and staff are not only dedicated to teaching our students in traditional academic courses and providing guidance with respect to parenting in our nurseries and through Early Childhood Education courses, they are also providing experiences for learning life-long skills that provide joy, skill development and a sense of accomplishment for students and community members. In January, Chris Loria, one of TAP’s math teachers presented at Tucson’s Mathematics Educator Appreciation Day Conference or MEAD on the educational, cognitive and just down right fun benefits of Cubing! Bonnie Morlock, TAP’s Computer Lab Tech is also TAP’s crafts guru and has shared her immense knowledge and talents with several TAP students during TAP’s daily Advisory Course where students can attend a weekly extension class in academic assistance, crafts, cubing, cooking, yoga and many other experiences that assist them with gaining needed knowledge and experiences to balance school and their growing responsibilities as parents.

Chris Loria at 2017 MEAD Conference
Chris Loria (pictured on the left) leads a session on cubing at the 2017 MEAD Conference. Ms. Loria teaches Algebra 2, Financial Algebra and TAP’s Advisory Class at TAP High School. An avid cuber, Ms. Loria also offers cubing and origami sessions to our students.

Photo of TAP students
TAP students create stitched pillows and mobiles for their children during an advisory rotation.

March is National Reading Month... What's In a Great Read?

March is National Reading Month and the birthday of Dr. Seuss. At TAP we will be celebrating National Reading month by ….you guessed it…Reading! TAP will also host infant and toddler book celebrations and give aways as well as a variety of literacy activities for both our students and their babies. It is never too early to read, sing, talk and babble with our child. How can you help your little one enjoy National Reading Month?

The National Early Literacy Panel has proven time and time again that literacy skills begin to develop at birth. The panel identified a number of early skills that are related to—and may even help predict—a child’s later success with reading and writing. Below are suggestions for what you can do with your infant and toddler to encourage a life-long love and high skills in reading. The web is full of great resources to get you started with reading, singing and verbally engaging your baby. In many cases you don’t have to spend a cent to engage your baby in child in literacy activities are that are proven to prepare them for success in school and a life time of reading pleasure.

The Tucson community has many literacy activities and resources for ages 0 to 100. You can start by contacting the Pima County Library at: to learn about hundreds of literacy activities and resources in a local or online library near you.

Celebrate National Reading Month...even if your child can't read yet - Six skills to prepare young children for reading from Leap Frog.

TAP Babies in the North Nursery
Babies in TAP’s North Nursery are not yet one and they are engaged with books and story time every day. They love reading and learning to read.

Teenage Parent Program 1965-2016

Throughout the decades TAP has gone through an abundance of changes, and it has always been an amazing program for young parents.

TAP began in 1965 with two teachers in a room of the Arizona Children’s home at 2700 S. 8th Avenue. In 1972 TAP moved to the Roskruge Elementary School basement at 501 E. 6th Street and had served 80 students. Between 1975 and 1977 TAP got medical and social service agencies to help out students. Then in 1980 space and funding for TAP’s first nursery became available. Everything changed for TAP in 1987 when TUSD approved the purchase of the old Jewish Community Center at 102 N. Plumer Ave, where TAP is still located. From there on TAP began evolving into what we know it as now.

Within the past 51 years TAP has evolved into a school that provides education and an understanding environment to pregnant and parenting teens. There are a total of 9 teachers this year which is a huge improvement from just having two in 1965. The four nurseries we have now were slowly added as space and funding became available. Now TAP welcomes all teen parents, including fathers, and babies from 2 weeks to 18 months old.

TAP has been helping teen parents finish high school since 1965. It went through an array of changes and has had many different teachers, students, babies, and been in quite a few places. But it has always been there to provide a comfortable and safe learning environment for teen parents.

TAP students, babies and staff, Dec. 2016

Photo of TAP Team

This is where people love to work!

TAP Staff share the love of working at TAP with our infants and toddlers. TAP has four nurseries designed to serve students and their babies. TAP strongly encourages students who are pregnant to enroll at TAP while pregnant so they can learn best parenting practices prior to giving birth. TAP teachers are highly qualified in multiple content areas and are very experienced in meeting the diverse learning needs of our students. Struggle with math? No problem. Our math teachers are master teachers and understand how pregnancy and new parenting demands affect learning. TAP also provides college & career counseling among other services.

Photo of Annie Reed

Meet TAP's New English Language Teacher

After 3 years of not having a teacher that focuses on teaching the English Language to emerging speakers, TAP was able to welcome Annie Reed to our staff.  Mrs. Reed’s enthusiasm, humor and care are felt throughout the school and her focused work has resulted in several students gaining control over the English Language and a greater understanding for how the greater Tucson Community works!

Student Interview with Annie Reed

Q: How did you start working at TAP High School?
A: A TUSD friend called me and told me TAP needed an English Language Learning teacher and that they hadn’t had one in 3 years. I talked to Dr. Dudley and fell in love with the whole concept of TAP accepting men and women who still want to come to school to earn an education, even though they have babies. I liked that no one was being left out in the cold.
Q: What subject do you teach? What do you want your students to walk away with by the end of your class?
A: I teach English Language Learning. I want my students to be proficient in English. I want my students to be able to adapt to everyday situations and people and to accept the American culture. When you see results and see a person progressing you know you did something right.
Q: How do you hope to influence your students here at TAP?
A: I hope to help them become good citizens and people.
Q: What school did you teach at before you came to TAP?
A: I taught at British Columbia Academy (Canadian school) for 8 years in Nanjing, China. I taught speech communications and debate. It was a Chinese campus that associated with Nanjing Foreign language. It was definitely a cultural awareness for me.
Q: What’s different about working at TAP compared to a more traditional high school?
A: Here you have teens who are pregnant, going to have babies but have a real desire to attain a high school diploma so that they can further their education, in order to take care of their children/family.
Q: Have you changed anything about your teaching since you’ve been here at TAP? If so, what have you changed?
A: Yes, actually I have. One of my students and I are taking a field trip to Safeway! We’re going to read street signs on our way there and see all the other stores and look at different houses. When we get to Safeway I’m going to teach my one student how to read food and can labels. We’re going to learn all about the fruits and vegetables and which ones are good/bad for you.

Synergy® Student Information System
Information for Parents

See it. Hear it. Report it. Be Bold. Speak up. End Bullying now. School Safety Tip Line

Bullying: What to do if you see it, hear it, feel it....Report it!

It is TAP's number one goal to keep students safe and ensure that students feel safe in our learning environment. Together we can address any conflict, misunderstanding and/or instance of bullying. Students are encouraged to report any and all conflicts with students or staff to TAP administration.

If you see bullying or feel you are being bullied, please report it to your school principal or counselor.

If you are a pregnant or parenting teen and want to finish high school, attend school with your baby, and receive support from a school nurse and counselor, please join us at TAP High School today.

TAP High School encourages students who are pregnant or parenting to transfer to TAP to ensure that you have the supports to attend school every day. TAP has a full time nurse, full time counselor, and 4 nurseries to support students with health, emotional, and living needs. We offer SunTran Bus passes to TUSD boundary students and students receive free diapers every month because TAP partners with the Southern Arizona Pima Diaper Bank. We are set up to help young parents attend school with their babies. Nurseries provide services to babies who are under 18 months.


September is National Attendance Awareness Month!

Attendance Matters. Don't Let Absences Add Up! #schooleveryday

Did you know that last year over 15 thousand students in T.U.S.D. were chronically absent during the 2015-16 school year, meaning they missed almost a month of school when you add up their absences? If your student misses 2-3 days of school a month, they are considered chronically absent. This means less learning, less connection, less planning for the future and fewer skills gained to plan their future with. In short, attending school matters now and for future success. This is especially true for teen parents. At TAP, students can attend school with their babies until the babies are 18 months old. This time passes by quickly so it is essential that students attend school during pregnancy and after giving birth to gain as many credits toward graduation as possible.

Tucson’s Mayor Rothchild in collaboration with several local school districts is spearheading National Attendance Awareness Month. Let’s work to interrupt this pattern of chronic absenteeism and cultivate a habit of good attendance starting in kindergarten, through high school graduation, so children have the opportunity to learn and succeed in school. There are some chilling realities for students who do not attend school and complete high school.

  • Students who do not complete high school earn 33 cents less for every dollar a college graduate earns (U.S. Census Bureau). That equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars over their life time.
  • Students who fail school are more prone to ill health.
  • Female high school dropouts will live an average of 10.5 fewer years than females who graduate from high school (Tavenise, 2012).
  • Students who do not finish high school are more likely to live in poverty (earn an annual salary of $20,241 or less) (Breslow, 2012); and
  • On average, each high school dropout costs taxpayers $292,000 over his or her life time (Breslow, 2012).

Let’s all work to support our students in getting to school where they can access and learn the skills they need to graduate and prepare for the work place and college.

At TAP High School, students know that Monday attendance is Mandatory if they want to experience the full effects of learning in their classes. Students set goals for their own learning and living on Mondays and monitor their progress and successes on Fridays. You can help. Support your student by asking them about their goals, dreams and helping them to get to school where they can work to make their dreams come true.

Graduation photosThough it is not easy or simple to be a teen parent, many young women and men become teen parents in the Greater Tucson area every year. Tucson has one of the higher teen pregnancy rates in the U.S. TAP proves every day that teen parents can still meet their high school dream of graduation.


Extra Supports at TAP

TUSD's Teenage Parent High School Needs Your Help!

TAP High School is a small school that serves some of TUSD’s neediest students. TAP helps ensure that pregnant and parenting teens meet their developmental milestones, while their children are meeting their own developmental milestones. How can you help to support these students to become successful parents and high school graduates?

  1. Donate gently used clothing to our clothing bank: we are always looking for gently used maternity clothes and clothing for babies ages: new born to 3 years old;
  2. Donate gently used clean toys and/or safe, clean outside play equipment for ages 3 months to 18 months;
  3. Donate diapers;
  4. Donate school supplies (appropriate for high school students); or
  5. Donate your tax credit dollars to TAP High School and your Charitable Tax Credit donation to TUSD’s EEF (see below to find out how!).

Give Kids the Extra Credit

You can help Teenage Parent High School provide additional services and opportunities for our students by donating your tax credit dollars to TAP. Please give by December 31, 2017 and you can receive a dollar-for-dollar AZ income tax credit up to $400 on a joint return or $200 on an individual return. Your dollars will contribute to student access for club and enrichment activities, as well as educational field trips providing experiences that may lead our students to pursue a new profession, a new area of study and/or exposure to new ideas. Just click the tax credit link (Give Kids the Extra Credit) on the upper left hand menu, find Teenage Parent High School in the school menu and donate today.

Educational Enrichment FoundationTAP students also benefit when you make a charitable Tax Credit donation to TUSD’s Educational Enrichment Foundation (EEF). When you donate to EEF, the ARIZONA CHARITABLE TAX CREDIT allows you to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return. If you make a contribution before December 31, 2017, you can receive a credit of up to $400 when filing a joint tax return, or up to $200 when filing as a single taxpayer. In addition to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can also designate up to $400 (married) to an individual school for the Public School Tax Credit. You can do both! EFF provides much needed necessities for TAP students including shoes, glasses, clothing, and much more. Find out how you can support EEF by going to:


TUSD Open & Magnet Enrollment for 2017-2018

Choose Your School

TUSD's open enrollment and magnet schools provide you with options! You can apply to have your child attend any district school through open enrollment. As long as there is room, your child will be accepted. Our magnet schools offer programs and classes in specific areas, such as fine and performing arts, science, math, technology, and more! For more information go to:

Your child may be eligible for transportation. If you choose a school through Open Enrollment, your child may be eligible for Incentive Transportation.

Su hijo(a) puede ser elegible para transportación. Si usted elige una escuela a través de Inscripción Abierta, su hijo puede ser elegible para el Incentivo de Transportación.

News from the TAP Health Office

The winter season is often accompanied by viral illnesses. It is important to know that viruses are caused by human contact, not cold weather. To stay healthy and keep your baby healthy it is important to follow the suggestions below.

  • Make sure to wash your hands!! Washing hands is important in germ prevention. Wash often and make sure you encourage everyone who touches your baby to do so as well.

  • Cough in your sleeve. If you cough into your hand and touch something or someone, you are spreading germs.

  • If you or your baby are sick, please stay home. Call the front office and let them know why you are out 225-3250.

Sick puppy

Why Attend TAP High School ?

TAP High School

Are you pregnant or a new parent between the ages 14 and 21? Do you want to finish high school so you are prepared to attend college or start a career? The TUSD Teenage Parent High School is designed to support pregnant teens and young parents to finish high school while parenting. Our school includes four nurseries and all classes needed to complete your Arizona high school diploma. We also provide credit recovery courses and additional supports in math and reading to pass grade level state assessments. We are organized to help pregnant and parenting teens secure needed school and community services including medical information and supports, diapers, WIC services, lactation support, maternity and baby clothing, counseling and much more!

TAP is an accredited high school with two main missions. First and foremost we offer all core courses required for high school graduation as well as a JTED elective program focused on early childhood education. We offer standard courses and credit recovery in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE/Health as well as parenting and nursery electives. Our second mission is to provide students with instruction and guidance to become well-informed, caring, and responsible parents. TAP is also structured to support students in becoming well informed about their pregnancy, health issues surrounding pregnancy, birth and babies, etc. TAP has four nurseries which are organized to provide care for students’ babies (ages 2 weeks to 18 months) while students attend and complete their high school classes and assessment requirements. All TAP students are required to, and get credit for working in one of our four nurseries.

If you are a pregnant-teen or a teen parent and want to attend TAP high school, please contact our front offices at 520-225-3250 or 225-3256 and find out if TAP is the right school for you!

If you plan to register at TAP you will need to bring:

  1. Withdraw paperwork from previous school
  2. Copy of high school transcript
  3. If entering 9th grade, proof of 8th grade promotion
  4. Shot records
  5. Baby shot records (if baby will be in nursery)
  6. Proof of pregnancy (if pregnant)
  7. Proof of residency (water bill, gas bill, electric bill, State ID, paystub, car registration, IRS paperwork, rental agreement, house deed)
  8. Original birth certificate

The student’s parent will need to be present with the student during registration if the student is under 18 years of age and is not considered a youth on their own.

To learn more about TAP High School visit “About Us.

Now you can apply for free & reduced meals and manage your food services account online! Click the Food Services graphic below for more information.

Food Services Online



Love of Reading Month

TAP High School places a special focus on the importance of students reading to our babies. Student parents learn various techniques for reading to their babies and how to engage their babies with visual, verbal and kinesthetic cues. This semester TAP has partnered with Make Way for Books to offer special instruction on reading. Thank you to Make Way for Books intern, Riley Hankins for your support and time.

TAP High School's mission is to support students in becoming caring, safe and well informed parents. Parenting is complex: The rules for safety change at every stage of your baby's development.

Starting at Birth

A parent must be mindful of their baby’s position when they sleep. Current research shows that sleeping on their backs is the safest position for babies to sleep. It is also essential that babies are not put down to sleep with loose blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, crib bumper pads as these could block the baby’s breathing while they are sleeping and result in SIDS or Sudden Infant Crib Death. The chance of SIDS is also increased when a parent “co-sleeps,” with their babies (where the parent sleeps with the baby in one shared bed). Young babies should be swaddled if it is cool in the house, but when it is hot, the baby can sleep without a swaddling blankets. Babies should sleep on a flat surface such as a crib or porta-crib. Babies should not sleep propped on pillows on the parent’s bed. Remember that placing a baby on the parent’s bed is dangerous. Babies often surprise parents by rolling off the bed, even when the parent claims that they were watching their baby or only turned away for a second. Falling from a bed can result in broken bones, severe bruises but more importantly it could result in severe head injuries that can cause long-term brain damage. Other unsafe places for babies to sleep unattended are in car seats and bouncers. When sleeping in these positions (even though they are on their backs), a baby’s head can fall forward and block his/her airway.


Most babies’ airways are the size of the small straw and are easily blocked. One of the most important safety rules is that a parent should never prop a baby’s bottle because the baby could choke. Propping can also lead to tooth decay and ear infections. Parents should also be aware that honey can cause botulism in babies under the age of one year and that they should NEVER use a honey pacifier prior to age one.

When a baby reaches the age where she/he is able to be set on the floor and can reach for things (e.g. a baby is more mobile) all objects that could be swallowed should be set outside of baby’s reach. Babies can also choke on food that is given to them: raw carrots, apples, chips, popcorn, and uncut grapes are choking hazards for babies up to the age of three or older. Carrots, pickles, and apples should not be used as teething toys. Cooked/mashed carrots, apples, and other vegetables are good first foods, but they must be softened and pureed so as not to choke the baby.

Toddlers are at high risk of choking unless they are sitting in a high chair while eating. Parents should be highly observant and engaged while their babies are eating, and only small amounts of food that is broken up into small baby size pieces should be offered. Babies and toddlers should NEVER be allowed to walk or run and eat at the same time.

Summer is coming…. Water and Sun Safety are Essential to keep your baby safe and alive

Parents must never, never leave their baby unattended. Babies can drown in one inch of water including a cleaning bucket, a draining bath tub, and a toilet. Arizona is a danger zone for babies because of high temperatures and because there are a high number of pools in every neighborhood and apartment complex. A baby can easily wander out of sight and fall into a pool or hot tub. A baby can drown within a few minutes of having their airways submerged in water. If a baby survives a drowning they may have severe brain damage. It is essential that parents keep doors and gates latched, keep their eyes on their babies at all times, and not be distracted or focused on digital devices (especially cell phones).

It is important to protect your baby from the heat and the sun. Whenever going outside, keep your baby out of direct sun as much as possible. Babies should wear hats and sunscreen when playing or traveling outdoors. Temperatures in Arizona can reach into the triple digits in May, it is important to monitor your baby’s hydration and also to NEVER leave a baby unattended in a car.

Baby Safety... What do you know about venomous creatures?

We live in an area where we are likely to run into creepy crawlies and here is what to do to recognize them and to get help if you are bitten or stung. Some of the more common dangers are:

  1. Rattlesnakes: You may find these hiking in the desert or in an area around some homes. They have triangular head and a rattle on their tail. They may not rattle before they bite. They are most active from April through October. They usually bite if they are disturbed. The bite is very poisonous and can cause pain and swelling. Stay calm and call 911 if you are bitten.

  2. Gila Monsters: These are rare, but they are out there. They are the only venomous lizard. They are black and coral patterned and can grow up to 2 feet long. They are slow moving and have a very firm and painful bite, which requires medical care.

  3. Scorpions: They hide in small cracks and dark places. Stings can cause pain, numbness and tingling. If bitten, small children and babies need to go to the ER. Babies may look sick or like they are having a seizure with jerky body and eye movements.

  4. Black Widow Spiders: Round body with red or orange hourglass underneath. Bites feel like a pin prick but may cause pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting and headaches.

  5. Arizona Brown Spiders: Tan or brown. Found in closets, woodpiles, folded clothes and under sinks (in cool, dark places). Bites cause pain and flu symptoms. Wound site is large and slow to heal.

Venomous Creatures

Preventing Bites and Stings: Leave wild animals alone. They are active in summer when it’s cool, in winter when it’s warm. Keep hands and feet out of tight spaces. When outside, wear shoes. Use lights at night. Shake out your clothes and shoes. If you get bitten by a snake, call 911 immediately. Relax and move as little as possible. Remove jewelry or shoes from bite area. Do not use ice, tight bandages or cutting bandages on the bite area.

Bite and Sting First Aid: Clean the area with soap and water. Use a cool compress. Get treatment for brown spider bites. Call Poison Center if a small child is stung by scorpion. Call 911 for any breathing problems or lip swelling. Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center 1-800-222-1222. Open 24 hours

Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona

TAP High School is privileged to hold many important partnerships with local organizations that support parenting teens. One of the school’s most important partnerships is with Southern Arizona Diaper Bank. The Diaper Bank provides each student’s baby with 50 free diapers a month and also helps with emergency diaper and wipes supplies when a student slips into financial crisis. TAP High School also serves as an arm of the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank allowing for 10% of diaper supplies to be given to members of the public who benefit from receiving free diapers. Providing an adequate number of diapers can prevent a variety of health issues for a baby and can help to maintain a healthy emotional state and reduce levels of stress for a parent and/or caregiver. In some cases, receiving 50 free diapers can mean the difference between providing a clean diaper when needed or providing needed food for a parent/caregiver or baby. For more information about the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona and the services they provide, call 520.325.1400 or find them on the web at:

If TAP High School is not the solution for you, think about finishing high school with GradLink 2.

Are you between the ages of 17 and 21 with 15 or more credits towards graduation? Have you passed at least two of the AIMS? If so, GradLink 2 may be for you!

What is GradLink 2?

GradLink 2 is an exciting new initiative from TUSD that provides support and online courses and in-person support for students who are close to finishing high school.

In our current job market, a high school diploma is important for future success. Yet many students have not achieved their high school diplomas. GradLink 2 is designed to give these students some extra help for that final push.

GradLink 2 will provide the following:

  • Access to online courses and tutoring
  • Computer labs open in the evening
  • Counselor assistance
  • Certified teacher assistance onsite during lab hours

Laptops for checkout in certain circumstances

Do I qualify?

  • Are you between 17 and 21?
  • Do you have at least 15 credits towards graduation?
  • Have you passed at least two AIMS tests?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then you qualify for GradLink 2.

If you don't qualify at this time, contact Agave Online to explore other options.

GradLink 2 Locations

Labs are available 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday at the following locations:

  • Palo Verde Magnet High School, 1302 S Avenida Vega
  • Pueblo Magnet High School, 3500 S 12th Ave.
  • Tucson High Magnet School, 400 N 2nd Ave.

For More Information

Please contact the Agave Office at (520) 232-8600, 3645 E. Pima (on the Catalina High School campus), or email