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Tully Elementary Magnet School

PTO Meeting Minutes

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PTO February Minutes 2/15/12 (very quick meeting due to GATE parent meeting at 5:30)

5:30 PM

Present: Angela Barclay, Leslie Edwards, Donna Erickson, Mike Erickson, Pat Hernandez, Katrina Lusteck, Leo Masursky, Bill Nenadich, Marjorie Nenadich, Hope Reed, Li Schmidt, Roman Soltero, Abbie Watchman, Sherri Zendri

1. Call to order 5:27 PM

2. Minutes

Minutes were approved for January

3. Officer's reports

a. President Hope Reed

Hope noted that this is the 2nd time in a row that we've had a rushed meeting. She is asking that any Tully meeting scheduled for the same time/location as the PTO meeting be scheduled a minimum of 1 hour after the start of the PTO meeting.

New treasurer appointment. Treasurer Jeff Backer has resigned due to a move out of the Tucson area. Katrina Lusteck has offered to take over the treasurer's post through the end of the year. No other volunteers expressed an interest in this position. Unanimous agreement to her appointment.

Chocolate Sale reminder. Permission slips to sell chocolate bars will go home with Tully kids before the start of the chocolate bar sale. Delivery of chocolate bars to the school will be 3/9/12.

PTO yard sale is 3/10/12. The room off of the office can be used to store yard sale items. Yard sale pricing will occur the night before the yard sale (3/9) from 5-8PM. PTO membership unanimously approved up to 50.00 spent for food for the volunteers working the evening of the pricing.

Mrs Gauger's request. The printer in primary wing that is out of ink. Hope is trying to confirm with TUSD whether there is another source for printer ink before spending PTO funds for this.

b. Vice President Bill Nenadich no report

c. Treasurer Jeff Backer resigned (moved out of Tucson area). Katrina Lusteck has volunteered to take over the treasurer functions through the end of the year. Current PTO balance = 3,462.92

d . Secretary Marjorie Nenadich

Track meet t-shirts. The track coach states that many of the shirts he has are getting worn out. He would like 30-40 shirts for the end of the year track meet. A maximum of 300.00 was unanimously approved for track shirts. PTO logo on the shirts was requested by Leo Masursky to show parents where their fundraiser dollars are being spent.

Sweet Tomatoes night brought in 165.00 (check to be mailed within the next 4-6 weeks). The attendees seemed to enjoy themselves and there was a nice community feel to the night. Many of the Tully attendees ate dinner together at a large group table.

4. Committee Reports: no reports

5. Principal's report: Dr. Soltero

Dr. Soltero defended reason for having PTO on the heels of another meeting. This was done to encourage other parents see what a PTO meeting was like. In the future he has agreed to have at least a 1 hour gap between meetings.

6. SCPC Report:

Leo Masursky stated that on 1/23/12, the SCPC met with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of TUSD. The CFO presented how the board was using 55-60% of budget money in the classroom. Brian Levine (title undetermined) discussed the retention issue at the SCPC meeting. The main time children leave TUSD is middle school. Superintendent, Dr. Pedicone will talk next Monday 2/20/12 Tucson High 6PM. Leo urged PTO to bring issues for SCPC to him by emailing at lmasursky@cox.net

7. Unfinished business:

Sherri Zendri stated that the science fair has a lot of interest this year. She wanted to warn the library staff that the library will be very crowded and possibly out of commission the day of the science fair. 6-8 PM date for science fair (MON after holiday)

Leo Masursky investigated how schools get money by dropping receipts in a Safeway receipt box designated for certain schools. The receipt collections occur in August and schools need to sign up prior to August to take part in this fundraiser. Leo will follow up on this.

Pat Hernandez has stated that the Drachman Institute is finishing up their Tully garden grant. Pat asked for either a PTO sponsor or Albertsonís sponsor for the dedication of the garden. It was decided that the garden dedication will take place before the next PTO meeting Up to 100.00 was approved if needed for the garden dedication celebration.

8. New business. Tucson Symphony Orchestra (TSO) has youth concerts in May. Leo will get more information on this and present at a later date.

9. Announcements: no new announcements

10. Adjourn 6:00 PM