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Tully Elementary Magnet School

PTO Meeting Minutes

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PTO September Minutes 9/21/11

Present: Jessica Harwood, Pat Hernandez, Leo Masursky, Bill Nenadich, Marjorie Nenadich, Hope Reed, Edward Smith, Roman Soltero, John Watt, Meg A. Watt, Sherri Zendri, Jeff Backer, Jennifer Birge, Justin Schmidt, John Paul.

1. Call to order 5:34

2. Minutes- August minutes were approved

3. Officers' reports

a. President- Hope Reed

Garden project- Pat Hernandez and Hope Reed discussed that the 1st garden project day is 730-1030AM this Saturday 9/24/11. Area has already been blue staked and is ready for digging. The 1st day will involve clearing out the old grass and getting the site ready for planting. Notify Pat Hernandez to let her know if you will attend.

Science fair-- Justin and Lee Schmidt have agreed to coordinate the Science Fair this year. Justin stated they would like to get more teacher involvement especially the non-GATE teachers. He will help the teachers get familiarized with the science fair guidelines. There was a unanimous passing vote to fund the science fair if needed up to 200.00. Hope discussed the “bioblitz”which is a 2 day celebration of biodiversity centers on a 24 hour race to count species. She thought this might be a good way to help kick off the interest in the science fair. Teams of scientists and volunteers will explore the national parks (here it will be done at the Saguaro National Park. There is also a B iodiversity Festival. More information and on line registration can be seen at www.nationalgeographic.com/bioblitz

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Library- There was a unanimous passing vote to fund bar codes for the library. Cost is approximately 30.00. There were a lot of complimentary things to say about Melissa Rife and the job she is doing with the library. Dr. Soltero discussed that Melissa is also going to help the OMA program by playing the cello for them.

We have ~ 500.00 in scholastic book credit. There was a unanimous passing vote to give

the scholastic book credit to the library for new books.

Hope turned the floor over to teacher Jennifer Birge who discussed having a “kids night out”. This is a teacher fundraiser where the kids watch 2 movies, have pizza, drinks etc to raise money for the teachers that work at the event. The parents may drop their Tully children off at the school (date and price TBA) and have a date night out. All money

will go directly back to the classrooms. At least 5 teachers show an interest in volunteering to do this. The PTO unanimously voted to offer technical, marketing and accounting support for the kids night out event.

b. Vice President –Bill Nenadich

Bill encouraged people to ask their local businesses for item donations.

c. Treasurer –Jeff Backer (just voted in at this meeting)

Hope introduced Jeff Backer who volunteered to be the new PTO treasurer. Jeff has 2 boys (4th and 1st) at Tully. There was a unanimous vote to have Jeff instated as the new Tully PTO treasurer. He reported that the Cherrydale catalog sale brought in >9,000.00 (we will get to keep 45% of the sales). Other fundraisers included 264.00 for the hotdog sale at open house and 113.22 from Target Red Cards. Current PTO balance = 9.712.46.

Hope discussed sending personal thank you notes to the students that helped with the catalog sales. Student Mamie Watt will receive a 50.00 restaurant gift card for being the n number 1 seller (over $500.00 in items sold). Mamie and her family were entering the meeting when this announcement was discussed and an applause broke out in honor of all Mamie's hard work. The PTO thanks all the students and families that work so hard to help Tully school.

Various other ideas were discussed on how to make money which included See's Candy Sale, Restaurant nights, chocolate bars, cookie dough, yard sale, sunscreen sales and more. We encourage any and all ideas on how to raise money to help our school.

d Secretary –Marjorie Nenadich

-Silent Auction update- We have many great silent auction items including a family park hopper pass to Disneyland/California adventure, 4d/3n at Sedona Springs resort, 2 flat screen TV's, 17th Street Farmers Market gift card, Safeway gift card, ½ off braces (includes invisalign) by Orthopros, Color Me Mine studio time and free item for 4 and more. Marjorie encouraged everyone to present an auction donation request flyer to businesses that they frequent. Flyers were available at the meeting, but contact Marjorie 955-3953 if you need more. Teachers and staff that donate an item or recruit a business item will get to spend the money on their school items of choice.

-T-shirts and polo shirts-- T-shirts and polo shirts are available for purchase. There will be a new order being sent in on Monday 9/26/11 for shirts. T-shirts are 10.00 and Polos are 15.00 (3.00 more for sizes xxl and larger). Items should come in ~ Mid October.

4. Committee Reports

a. Fundraising- see above under treasury report.

b. Communications- update on website. Thank you teacher Leslie Hall for updating our web site. PTO encourages all to check out the new site.

c Membership and Volunteers- Fall Festival Update

There was a lot of discussion about the logistical issues on how best to handle tickets,

booths, etc..having to do with the Fall Festival. There was a unanimous vote to let the Fall Festival Planning Committee work out the details. Festival booths we have so far

include Pizza, Mexican Food, Face Painting, Snack Shack, Bean Bag toss, Fortune Teller,

nacho counter, Mad Scientist lab (slime making booth), haunted house cup cake shop and more. The next Fall Festival planning meeting is Thursday 9/29/11 in the Parent room at 5PM and all are encouraged to attend. If anyone wants to work in a PTO booth, please contact Hope Reed at hope@hopereedmarketing.com.

5. Principal's Report

-tax credit update

Dr. Soltero reviewed the “frequently asked questions” and the tax credit guidelines from the TUSD web site. TUSD tax credit handouts were passed out. Anyone that did not get a handout can find one at http://www.tusd1.org/contents/distinfo/aztaxcredit/faq.asp or ask the office. Activities that can receive tax credits must be school sponsored. Last year every teacher that requested a bus for field trip transportation, got their request approved (paid for with tax credit money). Yoga, chess club, folklorico, track and field, OMA, Black Stallion Literacy Program, science fair and field trips were all items that were paid with tax credit money last year. The School Site Council helps decide how the tax credit money is spent. OMA gold is now completely funded from our desegregation money (it is not funded out of tax credit money this year). The next site council meeting is Thursday 9/29/11. There was some discussion if the tax credit money could be used to buy scholastic books. Books may be able to qualify for tax credit money if the book purchase could be worked into an extracurricular activity like a book club. It would also have to be a school sponsored activity to qualify per the guidelines. You do not have to give your tax credit all at once. You can go on the TUSD web site and donate a little each month. Then you can get your money back at tax time if your state tax liability is greater or equal to what you donated in tax credit. The PTO encourages everyone to consider the tax credit donation. If you donate through the website, make sure you designate the money to go to Tully Elementary School. You can also specify on the form exactly which activity you are supporting if you want (else School Site council will decide how to spend the tax credit donation money).

6. SCPC report

Leo Masursky wanted to make sure it was in the minutes that SCPC's focus is to set school priorities at the SCPC meetings. The number one priority for SCPC this year is student achievement (last year it was all day kindergarten). There was a big discussion at the recent SCPC meetings about what TUSD is doing to keep the students from leaving the district when enrolling in Middle school. The next SCPC meeting is October 17th at Tucson High at 6:30PM-8PM. All are welcome to attend.

7. Unfinished Business

Discussion of goals and budget

Hope Reed requested budget requests from the teachers, parents and staff. Any requests

that were received were reviewed.

Student of the month 250/lunch x 7= not to exceed 1,750.00

Digital camera for student of the month luncheon = not to exceed 150.00

Water bottles+misc for track not to exceed 100.00

class room supplies– not to exceed 2,000.00 PTO requesting mini-grant requests from teachers.

Replace broken printer in Mrs. Hoguin's classroom -Meg Watts stated that Intuit has a

green program and they refurbish used electronic equipment. She will check into getting

a replacement for the broken printer in Mrs. Hoguin's classroom.

Fall Festival not to exceed 500.00

Radios to aid school safety goal (need 4 more) not to exceed 800.00

Fax Machine for front office -Meg Watts will review from Intuit

All amounts listed above passed unanimously.

GATE status at Tully Elementary--GATE meeting tomorrow at 5:30 in the parent room. David Niecikowski, GATE coordinator at TUSD will be here.

8. New Business

John Paul discussed the lack of emergency radios (request was added to budget- see above). He also asked about the large kindergarten classroom sizes. Dr. Soltero stated we needed to have 31 children in the kindergarten classes before we can get approved for another teacher. The plan is if we don't go up to 31 in each kindergarten class, the plan is to move a few children out of each classroom to Mrs. Hoguin's ELD class (they will still have to return to their original classrooms for their reading lessons. Leo Masursky offered to write a letter to the TUSD board petitioning the large kindergarten classroom sizes and will offer to have other parents sign the letter.

9. Announcements

An announcement was sent to the PTO from Patricia Ludovici, Tully Intervention Specialist. She wanted the PTO to know that TUSD budget will replace the computer

equipment that was stolen over the summer (several flat screen computers were removed

from Tully classrooms and computer lab).

10. Adjourn 7:36